Christian. / Conservative. / Pro-Life.

Male. / 35. / upstate NY.

Email: consigliere5 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Twitter: Consigliere5

Loathes the UN, Jihadists, Abortion, and Interfaithism.

Loves monkeys, movies, monorails… and Walt Disney World.

Wants to dismantle the Pallywood industry, brick by brick.

Heroes: Pro-Life Warrior Girls and the Clorox Cowboy.

Arch-Enemies: Michael *grumble* Moore. Lynne Stewart.

  1. hi,
    we were at the rally/ march as well.
    we have a 12’x4′ sign that has a photo of our daughter that says..
    Babies with Down syndrome have a right to life too!! we will come every year to help the defend our daughters right to life

  2. lee aaron flanders says:


  3. Marisol says:

    I cant find this and I am from Guatemala and would like to contact these people who are doing so much wrong to the world in our name and we are not even aware of what exactly are they doing. THANK YOU
    “Below please find the name and contact information for the Head of Delegation who gave Guatemala’s report today.”
    I couldnt find it below

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