Meet Actors Adam Baldwin and Dwight Schultz

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Conservative Hero, Film
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Adam Baldwin is: NOT one of those Baldwin Brothers.

The Official Dwight Schultz Fansite

You won’t be sorry Following Adam Baldwin on Twitter

Dwight Schultz with… One to Grow On!
A valuable life lesson from 1980s NBC Saturday mornings.

Dwight Schultz is: a lifelong Conservative.

You may know Adam from:

currently: NBC show Chuck
Jayne Cobb from the show Firefly
Knowle Rohrer from The X-Files

as Animal Mother in the movie Full Metal Jacket
as Ricky Linderman in the movie My Bodyguard
as Capt. Wilkins in the movie The Patriot
and many more…

You may know Dwight from:

Howling Mad Murdock from the tv show The A-Team
Lt. Barclay from the tv show Star Trek: the Next Generation
and movies…

They both have done many voice-overs for animated shows and video games
Adam’s IMDb filmography
Dwight’s IMDb filmography

They have both written articles at Big Hollywood.
Adam’s articles
Dwight’s articles

Adam Baldwin’s article about his participation with Ride 2 Recovery
Dwight article: TV’s Murdock Visits Real A-Team At Fort Bragg

some fun youtube videos featuring Dwight teaming up with fellow A-Team actor Dirk Benedict:

Dirk Benedict & Dwight Schultz – 23 September 2005 part 1
part 2

Q&A Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict May13th 2007 part 1
part 2

Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict May12th 2007 part 1
Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict May12th 2007 part 2
Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict May12th 2007 part 3
Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict May12th 2007 part 4

Note: I take no responsibility for the content of the youtube clips on this post. I have not watched all of them all the way through.

some Dwight Comic Con Appearances on youtube:

Chowder Panel at Comic-Con 2008
Chowder Panel at Comic-Con 2008 part 2

Just a little sampling of some Adam Baldwin Comic Con Appearance youtube clips: Interviews Adam Baldwin at Comic Con 2009
2009 Comic-Con Diary Jeffster! Chuck!
Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, & Adam Baldwin Play Lego Rock Band at WB’s 2009 Comic-Con Booth
Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, & Adam Baldwin Play Lego Rock Band at WB’s 2009 Comic-Con Booth
Yvonne Strahovski Adam Baldwin Comic Con 2008 E!
Comic Con 2010: CHUCK panel
Chuck Comic-Con 2009 Panel Q&A session
Comic-Con 2009 – Chuck Interviews

Dwight has filled in as talk radio host for Michael Savage, Rusty Humphries, Jerry Doyle and Laura Ingraham…

Here’s a good sampling of Dwight in Talk-Radio Land:

From Dwight’s old podcast, Howling Mad Radio:

Clip 1: the Preamble to the Constitution of the Communist Party of the United States of America

Clip 2: Dan Rather impression

Clip 3: Chirac impression

Clip 4: Obama’s Ears

some clips of Dwight sitting in for Michael Savage:

Clip 5: Obama, Socialism, and Invasion of the Body snatchers

Clip 6: Dwight’s quick impression of Darth Soros

Clip 7: quick Al Gore impression, Climate Change

Adam has been a guest on the Talk Radio podcast The Stage Right show:


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Tonight on the Stage Right Show:
Tommy Christopher
Kurt Schlichter
Adam Baldwin


Tonight: Adam Baldwin, star in NBC’s hit show Chuck, will discuss his views of the recent “” and his own experiences as a father.


Former Sec. of State from Ohio, KEN BLACKWELL and American Civil Rights Union’s KEN KLUKOWSKI join host LARRY O’CONNOR to discuss their latest book:

The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency

In Hour #2 ADAM BALDWIN, Star of NBC’s “Chuck” will join us for a discussion of the weeks biggest news stories including the controversy over the American flag on Cinco de Mayo.


Tonight NBC’s Chuck star Adam Baldwin joins Larry O’Connor-Stage Right for the full two hours as co-host! We will cover the latest in Adam Baldwin’s Hollywood and talk about the latest White House policies. All that plus your calls in that fan-crazy ‘Hollywood Chat Pack.’


TV and Film star ADAM BALDWIN and his friend and colleague MIKE RAUSEO sit in for vacationing LARRY O’CONNOR. They will have a multitude of special guests join them to discuss issues in the news, culture, entertainment, education and environmental politics. Scheduled guests include: Bill Whittle (, Eject!Eject!Eject!) Jeremy Boering (Big Hollywood) Hunter Baker (Houston Baptist University, “The End of Secularism”) Sid Burgess (


This is a segment from the “Live From a Hollywood Bar” episode of The Stage Right Show which aired live on the evening of February 9, 2010. Actor Adam Baldwin and Internet Impresario Andrew Breitbart joined me for a spontaneous, free-wheeling conversation about movies, the culture, politics, “coming of age” and a secret relationship between Janis Joplin and a leading conservative figure!


Star of NBC’s “Chuck” joins Larry O’Connor on The Stage Right Show to discuss the latest round of news at Big Hollywood featuring Howard Zinn’s “Zinn Education Project” and their attempts to subvert the lawful curricula n public schools. We will also discuss Adam’s great and varied career and ask him about his cutting edge use of Twitter in connecting with his fans. Also, a round-up of the week’s news from the Big Blog perspective, your calls and the Gun-toting “Hollywood Chat Pack” tonight, on “The Stage Right Show”


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Meet actors Adam Baldwin and Dwight Schultz

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