Top 10 Reasons I Hate the UN

10. UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

May 28, 2009:

I’d think that seriously advocating book burning at any time would disqualify you, since presumably there are equally qualified candidates for the UN’s cultural heritage agency who’ve never advocated destroying cultural heritage. But Israeli society is toxic anyway – especially compared to the glory that is the contemporary Egyptian public sphere – so no loss:

Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni, a candidate for the top job at the United Nations culture agency UNESCO, apologised on Wednesday for calling for Israeli books to be burnt… Hosni said he regretted his words, adding that they had allowed detractors to associate him with things that he found hateful. “Nothing is more distant to me than racism, the negation of others or the desire to hurt Jewish culture or any other culture,” he wrote. Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, film director Claude Lanzmann and Nobel Peace Price laureate Elie Wiesel last week quoted Hosni as saying he would burn Israeli books and calling Israeli culture “inhuman”. “Let’s burn these books; if there are any, I will burn them myself before you,” they quoted Hosni as telling a member of parliament who had confronted him about the presence of Israeli books in Egyptian libraries last May.

He also banned Israeli books and films from Egypt’s international book and film festivals. Plus he’s stated that Jewish culture exists only to the extent that it steals from other cultures. So what could be more natural than letting him decide if Israeli and Jewish heritage is important?

Anyway, he’s almost certain to get the appointment. Of course he is.

9. Think UNICEF [The United Nations Children’s Fund] is innocent? Think Again.

October 26, 2007:

Tricked by UNICEF
Financing of Palestinian terrorism makes for one scary Halloween.

Americans mostly know UNICEF through the “trick or treat for UNICEF” campaigns. The “trick” is on the donors who think that UNICEF is all about helping poor children.

[read it all]

8. UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East):

February 12, 2009:

I would have thought that UNRWA’s boasts about employing terrorists…

“Oh I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll and I don’t see that as a crime” said United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s Gaza chief Peter Hansen, 2004… The United Nations agency that administers a school in Gaza where dozens of civilians were killed by Israeli mortar fire last week has admitted to employing terrorists to work at its Palestinian schools in the past, has no system in place to keep members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad off its payroll, and provides textbooks to children that contain hate speech and other incendiary information.

… would have put an end to the debate over whether UNRWA employs terrorists. But apparently this is still an open question:

March 9, 2009:

UNRWA: It’s Israel’s Fault That Our Schools Teach Kids To Be Terrorists

How dumb can “it’s Israel’s fault” scapegoating get? This dumb:

UNRWA is upset at blaming Israel for its teachers not telling their young charges that firing rockets at civilians is wrong: “[UNRWA chief John Ging] voiced particular exasperation at the ban on importing paper which UNRWA needs for printing school text books and a new curriculum on human rights, calling it shameful, appealing for common sense to prevail, and stressing that the new rights programme would instil in the young how wrong it is to fire rockets.”

You’d think that the old curriculum on human rights would have already emphasized that it’s wrong to fire rockets at Israeli schools and hospitals. Apparently not.

May 25, 2008:

UNRWA head compliments Hamas

Palestine Today reports that the UNRWA Commissioner-General, Karen Abu-Zayd, complimented Hamas yesterday, saying, “[Hamas] has displayed good organization and discipline .. crime rates have plummeted, and clearly there is no longer the fear of being kidnapped among the staff of relief organizations [in Gaza.]”

She said that Hamas’ strength in Gaza is because of “international isolation,” blaming the world community for Hamas’ strength and saying that it is more popular than ever.

Abu Zayd also stressed that there are no direct contacts between UNRWA and Hamas and they only cooperate in technical areas.

It appears that she did not say anything about Hamas confiscating fuel meant for UNRWA, but then again, she was speaking from Gaza where the UN workers supposedly have no fear anymore because of Hamas’ benevolent rule of law.

UNIFIL: United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

January 10, 2008:

(1) Israel accuses UNIFIL of allowing Hezbollah to operate in south Lebanon
(2) UNIFIL says “well we obviously don’t see any of that – give us proof”
(3) Israel provides UNIFIL with details about all of the Hezbollah bases and operations that UNIFIL claims don’t exist
(4) UNIFIL passes that information to Hezbollah, which then moves those bases and operations so Israel can’t monitor or target them any more, in the process getting relatively precise information about the scope of Israel’s intelligence gathering capabilities

We’re so glad that the international community has shown up to bring peace to the region:

June 13, 2009:

Great News: UNIFIL Breaking Up Israel’s Anti-Hezbollah Spy Rings

See? And you thought the worst they were doing was handing over Israeli intelligence to Hezbollah so that Hezbollah could root out spies and double agents. Not nearly ambitious enough:

UNIFIL peacekeepers in Lebanon, whose mandate was to ensure that Hizbullah not be permitted to rearm or expand it’s presence south of the Litani River following the Second Lebanon War, has been engaged in an altogether different mission – arresting those suspected of spying for Israe… one Spanish UNIFIL commander mentioned that his troops had been “looking for Israeli spies,” and had in fact made a “number of arrests, mostly in Shia areas of Lebanon.”

In 2006 a UNIFIL truck went missing while under the supervision of a peacekeeper who describes Lebanon as his “second homeland.” It turned up a few months later when it was used by Hezbollah to lure Israeli soldiers to the Lebanese border, kill them, steal their bodies, and start a regional war. Apparently the beefed up post-war UNIFIL presence – which, remember, was the pro-Israeli side of the ceasefire resolution – hasn’t really done much to change UNIFIL’s institutional culture.

7. Biggest Fraud in the History of Humanitarian Relief: The Oil For Food Scam

September 17, 2004:

It is no accident that the United Nations Oil-for-Food program turned out to be the biggest scam in the history of humanitarian relief. Oil-for-Food, which ran from 1996-2003, was designed by the U.N. and managed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan along lines so perverse, so secretive, so inviting to corruption, that it could hardly have turned out otherwise.

But when I first began reporting on Oil-for-Food, back in 2002, I was not looking for a scandal. I had written for years about aid programs in various parts of the world, and was simply trying to understand what looked like a complicated U.N. relief effort in Saddam’s Iraq. I found someone familiar with the program, asked some standard questions, and was floored by the answers. In theory, the U.N. was busy containing U.N.-sanctioned tyrant Saddam Hussein while helping the people of Iraq. But in practice, Oil-for-Food was less an aid effort than an invitation to fraud, influence-peddling and continued tyranny in Iraq. It doubled as a terrific employment program —not for Saddam’s victims in Iraq, but Saddam’s Baath Party and the United Nations. […]

Ah, but then came the showstopper. I learned that to cover the costs of administering this program Kofi Annan’s Secretariat collected a 2.2% commission on Saddam’s oil sales, totaling $1.4 billion over the course of the program, plus another .8%, or $520 million, for weapons inspections (though for four of the program’s seven years, Saddam did not allow any weapons inspections). In other words, the U.N. Secretariat was being paid richly by Saddam to supervise Saddam; the U.N. had, in effect, become Saddam’s business partner, playing Arthur Andersen to Saddam’s Enron. The incentives were for the U.N. Secretariat to hush up Saddam’s graft, and keep expanding the program. And that’s what happened.

Following Saddam’s overthrow, the U.N. finally shut down Oil-for-Food last November. But the U.N.-condoned mess it created it still with us. Billions in funds grafted out of the program by Saddam have yet to be accounted for. Oil-for-Food tainted the Security Council debates over Iraq, in which the U.N. never disclosed that fat deals under Oil-for-Food had gone to such pivotal U.N. Security Council members as France, China and Russia. To whatever extent Oil-for-Food corrupted politicians and businesses who dealt with Saddam — and that was evidently part of the problem — some of the figures involved may now be ripe targets for blackmail by anyone with inside information on Saddam’s U.N.-condoned secret deals. And tucked away in those confidential records are enough overlaps between Saddam’s network of dirty finance and Al Qaeda to warrant worries that money he filched from Oil-for-Food may be funding terrorists today.

This is the legacy of a U.N. that over the years has become accustomed to treating some of the world’s worst despots as privileged clients. In the end, the most alarming aspect of Oil-for-Food is not that it became the biggest financial scandal ever to bubble through the U.N., but that it was the natural product of a U.N. steeped for decades in its own culture of privilege, immunities and secrecy, accustomed to guarding the interests of despots at the expense of subjugated peoples, and — as Oil-for-Food so richly exemplified — more absorbed in its own venal interests, payrolls and power than in such matters as the world peace, freedom and prosperity it was founded to promote.

P.S.: Obama’s Iraqi Oil for Food connection

6. Wasteful, Hopelessly Inept, and Useless:

July 29, 2008:

The United Nations lost at least $10 million as it carried out humanitarian relief efforts in Burma because it complied with a plan allowing the country’s ruling junta to control foreign currency, according to the top U.N. humanitarian coordinator.

April 30, 2008:

One month after Zimbabwe elections: UN refuses to act […]

The UN Security Council has become the latest thumb-twiddler in this debacle. The MDC asked the UNSC to take some action to end Mugabe’s brutality and to get the election results released. Just as with the SADC, South Africa argued against action, apparently led by Thabo Mbeki’s personal affinity for Mugabe. The usual suspects, Russia and China, also refused to allow the Security Council to take any action.

Many have called for a power-sharing arrangement until a run-off election can be held. However, Mugabe has already poisoned that well with his campaign of intimidation against dissenters. His forces have assaulted villages that voted for the MDC in the last election, making sure they understand the consequences of opposing the dictator. “War veterans” — in reality state-sanctioned thugs — have descended on the last remaining independent farms and have wrested control of the land from the farmers. Another election under this regime would be as meaningful as a Saddam Hussein plebiscite.

April 18, 2008:

The UN has found it difficult to keep the “food pipeline” open to the people in Darfur, thanks to a lack of security along the roads and in the villages. The Sudanese government does not provide reliable escorts, and UN workers have had their trucks hijacked and their stations robbed. Thanks to the rainy spring, the crisis could escalate into a deadly famine — and all of this may sound familiar to Americans:

June 09, 2008:

The United Nations’ World Food Summit held in Rome in 2002 to discuss how to cut world hunger in half by 2015 came under heavy criticism for the lavish feasts held during that conference. However, this spectacle of UN extravagance during a conference devoted to hunger pales in comparison to the obscene presence of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN’s three-day summit on the world’s food crisis that opened in Rome on June 3, 2008.

December 28, 2005:

A recent investigation by the Financial Times, however, has raised serious questions regarding the U.N.’s handling of the tsunami relief effort, in particular the way in which it has spent the first $590 million of its $1.1 billion disaster “flash appeal.” The appeal includes nearly $50 million from the United States.[4] The two-month FT inquiry revealed that “as much as a third of the money raised by the UN for its tsunami response was being swallowed up by salaries and administrative overheads.”[5] In contrast, Oxfam, a British-based private charity, spent just 10 percent of the tsunami aid money it raised on administrative costs

October 06, 2007:

U.N. looks other way as tsunami aid pilfered
$500 million lost to fraud and corruption: ‘The oil-for-food scandal taught them nothing’

Reconstruction funds channeled through the United Nations for the reconstruction of tsunami-devastated Indonesia are being systematically pilfered and skimmed to the tune of $500 million dollars because the world body has failed to implement its own anti-fraud measures, the U.N.’s former deputy director of investigations has charged.

June 20, 2008: [WARNING: LGF Link]

The United Nations’ blind, toothless nuclear watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei, is threatening to quit his job as head of the IAEA if Iran is attacked.

That, of course, would be a tragedy.

February 27, 2005:

It’s not just that the UN did nothing in Rwanda. Nope. It’s worse than that. After the Tutsi rebels were able to take over and stop the genocide, the UN actually protected the perpetrators in their “refugee” camps. That’s right. They wouldn’t lift a finger to stop the murder of nearly 1,000,000 people, but they couldn’t do enough to help the murderers. Sound familiar? If not, then perhaps you should talk to the Kurds or the Marsh Arabs.

The UN defenders will try to shift the blame for their inaction to America. They’ll say America didn’t have the stomach for another African “adventure” after Somalia. Of course, this conveniently ignores the fact that, months before the genocide began, Gen. Dallaire outlined a simple plan that he could implement with the UN troops already in Rwanda (mostly Belgians) to prevent the violence. The UN, and in particular Kofi Annan, said no. I have no idea how Kofi Annan can look the world in the eye. How in the world can you pretend to have some kind of moral authority when you have the blood of nearly a million people on your hands?

January 04, 2005:

An Assessment Team to Coordinate Assessment Teams

Well, dear friends, we’re now into the tenth day of the tsunami crisis and in this battered corner of Asia, the UN is nowhere to be seen — unless you count at meetings, in five-star hotels, and holding press conferences. […]

The post below reports on the impending arrival of Ms. Margareeta Wahlstrom “United Nations Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator and the Secretary-General’s Special Coordinator for Humanitarian Assistance in Tsunami-affected countries.”

She has spoken! At a large meeting this afternoon, she and the local UN rep, Mr. Bo “Please Wear Blue” Asplund have announced the arrival of yet another “United Nations Joint Assessment Team.” But this one is very, very ultra- special. According to the UNocrats, it’s not “just another assessment team.” Oh, no, banish that thought! You see, “This assessment team will coordinate all the other assessment teams.” In addition, the UN will set up a “Civil-Military Coordination Office to coordinate [that word! that word!] all military assistance because the military do not have experience in disaster relief (!)”

November 18, 2003: [WARNING: LGF Link]

UN Springs Into Retreat

The U.N. refugee agency began pulling foreign staff out of large swaths of southern and eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday in the wake of the killing of a French worker, a decision that could affect tens of thousands of Afghan returnees.

Some 30 foreign staff members were being withdrawn, and refugee centers in the Afghan provinces of Nangarhar, Paktia, Khost and Kandahar were being closed, said Filippo Grandi, the chief of mission in Afghanistan with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

5. A Bunch of Crooks, Dictators, Thugs, and Terrorists:

July 17, 2008: [WARNING: Link to LGF]

UN Peacekeepers Salute Imad Mughniyeh, Dead Terrorists

United Nations “peacekeepers” stand and salute the remains of Hizballah terrorists on a truck decorated with a photograph of Imad Mughniyeh, mastermind of the Marine barracks bombing that killed hundreds of US citizens.

May 02, 2008:

U.N.’s World Food Program Cried Poverty While Sitting on Cash Stockpile of More Than $1.22 Billion

Just weeks before it announced the onset of a global food crisis and the urgent need for donors to provide at least $775 million in additional funding, the World Food Program was sitting on a cash and near-cash stockpile of more than $1.22 billion.

The startling figure is contained in the latest audited statements of the WFP, which were endorsed by the WFP’s executive director, Josette Sheeran, on March 31, just a month before Sheeran announced at an international aid conference on April 22 that a “silent tsunami” in rising food prices demanded the huge infusion of cash for the WFP’s latest budget.

May 7, 2008

Headmaster of UN’s Gaza School DOUBLES AS A TERRORIST

Maybe Awad al-Qiq was just trying to impress his UN Bosses. Last week al-Quq was killed by an Israeli air strike. Since then it has been revealed that the UNRWA employee ran the school and taught science as a career but moonlighted as a rocket maker for Islamic Jihad. Of course no one should be surprised, since the UNRWA has long been a front for Palestinian Terror:

4. Anti-Semitic Hatefests:

May 29, 2008:

The World Conference Against Racism held in Durban, South Africa, in 2001 was one of the most hate-filled, antisemitic, anti-Israel gatherings in recent memory. A follow-up conference has now been scheduled for April 2009 in Geneva. Though officially known as the Durban Review Conference, it’s been dubbed “Durban II,” and for good reason — it promises much of the same.

To date, Canada is the only nation to have officially pulled out of Durban II. But as was abundantly clear this past week in Geneva, where more than 100 Jewish organizational leaders met to discuss a strategy for dealing with Durban II, support is growing for a wider pullout from the conference. Indeed, talk was even heard of holding an alternative summit to deal seriously and efficaciously with pressing issues on the global anti-racism agenda.

The original conference back in 2001 was hijacked from the beginning. Under the aegis of the congenitally dysfunctional and now-defunct United Nations Commission for Human Rights, it was intended to identify consensus-building measures for collective international action against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. But with their insurmountable numbers, Islamic and non-aligned countries commandeered it from the outset.

They took every opportunity to de-legitimize the State of Israel and undermine the historical experience of the Jewish people. Important anti-racism issues dealing with race, gender and poverty were overshadowed by politicized rhetoric and hateful accusations.

The U.N. commission has since been disbanded and replaced by the Human Rights Council, which is overseeing preparation for the Durban Review Conference. But the change has been in name only.

The usual suspects — some of which have wretched human rights records — have already turned the review conference into an international indictment of the West, the United States and Israel for allegedly promoting Islamophobia, the defamation of Islam and racial profiling.

In a chilling echo of the preparatory meeting for the original Durban conference — a meeting from which Jewish delegates were barred from participating — the two key Durban II preparatory commissions in 2008 were scheduled on the major Jewish festival of Passover and the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur. And lest any doubts remain about the intentions of the conference’s planners, one need only look to a recent preparatory meeting at which Iran led the charge in blocking accreditation for the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy.

By now, it has become fairly clear that Durban II will pick up where the original conference left off. It will provide yet another smokescreen to help regimes such as Iran, Libya and Cuba camouflage their own serial human rights violations. As was the case in 2001, the anti-racism conference is making a mockery of those who take human rights issues seriously. […]

[read more at link]

October 2008:

Durban II is heading toward another debacle. The draft declaration for the April 2009 conference on racism, published by the United Nations at its recent preparatory session in Geneva, revives the hateful rhetoric of the 2001 Tehran Declaration by accusing Israel of committing “genocide”, “crimes gainst humanity”, and “a new kind of apartheid”; attacks free speech; declares that Islam and its adherents are the world’s greatest victims of racism and of “defamation of religion”; and lists counter-terrorism as a cause of racial discrimination. The text shatters every one of the European Union’s red lines. See new UN Watch report below.

Instead of condemning this betrayal of the principles of the United Nations Charter, High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay told delegates she was “encouraged by the tone and by the substance of your deliberations over the last two weeks,” and praised “this kind of cooperation and constructive engagement.” She also lauded “the spirit of understanding, accommodation and respect that has characterized the review process thus far.”

November 21, 2008


This Monday, November 24th, the UN will commemorate its annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People with a film depicting Jews as Nazi-equivalents and a public exhibit mourning the sixty years of Israel’s existence.

“The event is an annual reminder that the UN’s real agenda is to delegitimize the birth – and the perseverance – of the state of Israel,” said Anne Bayefsky, Editor of […]

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan referred to November 29th as “a day of mourning and a day of grief,” and the usual procedure is for UN member state after UN member state to use the opportunity to grieve for the suffering of the Palestinian people at Israeli hands.

The General Assembly is scheduled to adopt another six resolutions condemning only Israel for violations of human rights. The total number of resolutions criticizing Israel expected to be adopted at this fall’s General Assembly is 20, as compared to only four resolutions critical of human rights records in any of the remaining 191 UN member nations.

The 2008 installment of what is in essence a repeat of the “Zionism = Racism” allegation, will be the public showing of the film “La Terre Parle Arabe” or “The Land Speaks Arabic.” The film draws parallels between the Nazis’ final solution and the alleged Zionist design for Palestinians. It is commonly billed with these words: “…the late-19th century Zionists…drew up plans, put them into practice, then…used… force, often brutal.”

Here is some of the script for the UN public’s edification:

“Christians and Muslims alike…unite in their hatred of Zionism…I preferred to die as a martyr rather than be governed by the Jews …We were against the Jews…The number of Jews increased constantly…The children cried …The Hagana had no mercy, no pity. Zionists! They were Zionists!… The Jews were shooting at us, they were facing us…The Jews yelled “turn around you bastards, you dogs.” They machine gunned us…They started killing people who were asleep…[We]…found a poor woman…pregnant. They had killed her and the baby came out of the womb. They started slaughtering them until morning.”

The exhibit to be opened at 6 p.m. on Monday in the UN lobby – the public entrance through which school children from across the United States and tourists from around the world pass every day – is entitled “The Palestinians: 60 years of struggle and enduring hope.”

Bayefsky comments: “The “sixty years” of struggle is telling. It puts a lie to the alleged root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict as an “occupation” that began with the 1967 war. The real complaint is the alleged wrong of the creation of the State of Israel itself.” She adds: “The carefully selected word “struggle” also speaks volumes. What the UN glorifies as a struggle is a series of wars launched by Arabs to annihilate the state of Israel beginning in 1948, and the ongoing “struggle” of Palestinian and other Arab terrorists dedicated to the same end.”

[read more at link]

April 23, 2008:

The Second Time as Farce
Meet the UN’s new Human Rights Council.

IF FURTHER PROOF BE needed of the terminal decline of the United Nations as a world body that purports to advance human rights, look no further than the recent appointments of Richard Falk and Jean Ziegler by the UN’s Human Rights Council (HRC). Both appointments should be of major concern to U.S. leaders disturbed by the UN’s increasing failure in the arena of human rights and the blatant and widespread anti-American and anti-Israeli bias among key UN human rights officials.

Richard Falk, the Emeritus Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice at Princeton, is an outspoken, zealous critic of Israel and American foreign policy who has just been appointed the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian Territories by unanimous vote. Falk has compared Israeli policy to the actions of Nazi Germany, publicly defended the reputation of former Colorado University Professor Ward Churchill, and wrote the foreword to controversial theologian David Ray Griffin’s 2004 conspiracy theory treatise The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11. Falk has written of an “American Empire” and a threat of “global fascism,” and according to a report in the New York Sun has bizarrely called for an official commission to investigate the imaginary role of neoconservatives in the 9/11 attacks.

Jean Ziegler, a Swiss sociology professor and UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, has been an apologist for dictators such as Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe, and once described the West Bank as an Israeli-run “immense concentration camp.” As UN Watch revealed, Ziegler even co-founded the Muammar Gaddafi Human Rights Prize in honor of the Libyan dictator. He was elected to the HRC’s advisory committee in March with the support of 40 of the Council’s 47 members. Ziegler has rarely failed to raise eyebrows with his outspoken views, deriding the United States as an “imperialist dictatorship,” rejecting the claim that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, and praising Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe by saying he “has history and morality with him.” Ziegler opposed the U.S.-led military action against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, warning it would have “apocalyptic” consequences for the Afghan people, and spell “the end of the Afghan nation,” and famously accused the Coalition in Iraq of cutting off food and water for Iraqi civilians in insurgent strongholds in 2005, a claim that was completely false and without foundation.

The highly controversial appointments further underscore why the United States made the right decision to boycott the new UN Human Rights Council for two years in succession, and to deny the organization future funding as well as credibility. The HRC is the successor to the spectacularly discredited UN Commission on Human Rights, an organization so reviled that even then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, a meek lamb when it came to condemning human rights abuses, somehow mustered the courage to describe it as an embarrassment. Despite inflated expectations that it couldn’t be any worse that the Commission, the HRC has been a miserable failure, continuing many of the worst excesses of its predecessor, and firmly fixated upon condemning Israel at every turn.

The current Council includes several of the world’s worst human rights violators, including Cuba, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Unsurprisingly, the Council has issued numerous resolutions attacking its favorite target, Israel, while largely turning a blind eye to massive human rights violations in dictatorships such as Zimbabwe, North Korea, Burma, Chinese-ruled Tibet, and Sudan. As the watchdog Eye on the UN has documented, in its first year, nearly three quarters of the Human Rights Council’s resolutions and decisions were focused exclusively on the human rights record of Israel.

[read more at link]

3. UN Troops: Accused of Rape, Murder, Child Porn, Prostitution Rings:

just a small sampling:

December 14, 2009:

Once again, United Nations troops accused of killing and raping innocent civilians.
This time the troops were stationed in the Congo.

January 21, 2009:

Another day- Another UN sex scandal.
A UN human rights official was busted with kiddie porn heading to Thailand.

May 26, 2008:

A 13 year-old girl was gang-raped in the Ivory Coast and left bleeding, trembling and vomiting.
We’re from the UN and we’re here to help.

August 17, 2006:

The United Nations is investigating allegations that some of its peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo have used child prostitutes.

It said there were reports that a child prostitution ring was operating in the east, close to a large concentration of UN troops and government soldiers.

A UN probe last year found that peacekeepers in DR Congo had sexually abused girls as young as 13.

Afterwards it banned its troops from having sex with locals.

The investigation revealed that UN peacekeepers had used food and money to pay girls to have sex with them.

2. Abortion:

July 3, 2003:

Dangerous Mischief at the United Nations: Abortion as the Law of the World

Just as U.S. abortion proponents did an end run to the courts and around the democratic process, international abortion proponents have attempted the same thing, this time using international documents drafted through negotiations at the United Nations (UN) and its attendant agencies, conferences, and commissions. Just as we understand that the courts are the part of government furthest removed from the people, how much further removed is the typical citizen from the always arcane and mostly unknown international organs that operate in New York, Geneva, Vienna, and elsewhere? Yet these are the bodies which seek to remove all limits to abortion in roughly 191 countries. Clustered around these quasigovernmental entities is a network of international and national activist groups – scholars, lawyers, journalists – which applies significant legal and financial 2 The International Scene muscle to bring the whole world into line with abortion-on-demand, that is, abortion without the necessity of a reason. This chapter will show the state of abortion in national laws around the world and how generally non-binding UN instruments are used to change those laws.

[much more at link]

August 16, 2010:

Under the cover of a warm fuzzy, tagged by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as an event to “promote peace, human rights, solidarity, progress and development,” pro-abortion U.N. agencies plan to execute a startling tactic to advance their agenda.

This is according to Susan Yoshihara, international relations expert and VP for Research at the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), an organization that has maintained a pro-family presence at the U.N. for more than a decade, and one with an undeniable inside track on U.N. developments.

The event is the World Conference on Youth in Mexico, slated for the week of August 23rd. Everyone knows that. But what few do know—and what your audience would be shocked to find out—is that several agencies, headed up by the overtly pro-abortion U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), intend to use this conference as a vehicle to channel their radical feminist and anti-family secularist causes at adolescent girls.

“This document strikes right at the heart of the parent-child bond,” explains C-FAM president, Austin Ruse, in a recent e-mail alert to the group’s constituents. “It demands radical and complete autonomy for young people, separate from their parents. The document doesn’t even use the hated word ‘parent.’ UN member countries, including the Holy See, will be expected to endorse this grotesque anti-family manifesto.”

For C-FAM, the only question left on the table is: What is more offense, the motive or the method to target teenagers?

“In 13 years of U.N. watching,” Ruse adds, “I can’t think of a single threat more serious than this scheme of indoctrinating and programming the world’s youth to reject Christianity, parental authority and the sanctity and dignity of life.”

Spring 1999:

UN Declares Abortion a Universal Right; Enforced Pregnancy an International Crime

The recently concluded United Nations Hague Forum skewers parental rights, national sovereignty, and religious freedom while it thrusts forward universal access to abortion under the cover of “reproductive health and rights.”

The gathering, held February 8-12, at The Hague, was hosted by the government of the Netherlands and United Nations Population Fund (unfpa), courtesy of the Bill Gates and Ted Turner foundations. The Hague Forum is part of the five year technical review process, ICPD+5, which assesses the progress of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) better known as the Cairo Conference.

At issue are globally guaranteed “freedom of sexual expression,” access to contraceptives and abortion for the world’s youth (defined by the UN World Health Organization as 10-18 year olds) without parental consent, and the demand that abortion and “gender equity” be granted status as a universal human right.

To decode the full import of the draft document submitted by 177 nations (including the Holy See delegation) and Non-governmental Organizations (NCOS) requires a working knowledge of “UN speak,” particularly the term “gender equity” which encompasses a full spectrum of ideological goals: women should be 50% of the administration, education and social work force in all countries; and homosexual “rights” must be accorded equal social, political and legal status in all nations.

[more at link]

September 9, 2010:

Last week, Thoraya Obaid delivered her last speech as executive director to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Board of Directors. Ending a ten-year term at the helm of the controversial United Nations (UN) agency, Obaid took the opportunity to highlight some of her “greatest achievements,” including her relentless promotion of the “reproductive rights” agenda.

Obaid said she was “proud of the progress that we have made to secure a solid policy and legal foundation for sexual and reproductive health.” According to Obaid, “Today the concept of reproductive health is widely accepted and reflected in international, regional and national policies and plans.”

While perhaps not as well known as her predecessor Nafis Sadik, Thoraya Obaid’s tenure at UNFPA has arguably made a bigger impact on the UN system, bringing more money and increased global and regional activity. Early in her tenure, Obaid raised eyebrows when she praised China for its “remarkable achievements in population control,” made possible by the country’s one-child policy, although such missteps were rare.

Obaid claimed agency neutrality on the abortion issue, stating that UNFPA only tries to prevent “unsafe abortion.” However, UNFPA staffers under Obaid intervened on the question in at least one instance. Prior to a vote to ban abortion in Nicaragua in 2006, UNFPA ignored broad-based support for the abortion ban and attempted to stop the Nicaraguan Parliament from changing the law. And in 2007, UNFPA was one of the largest donors of the abortion advocacy law firm, the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Obaid pushed hard for “universal access to reproductive health” to be recognized as part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), despite its repeated and explicit rejection as a goal by heads of state in both 2000 and 2005. While initial efforts failed, starting in 2007, Obaid was at the forefront of promoting this concept as a new MDG target, which was referenced to in an annex of a Secretary-General’s report. At a UNFPA board meeting, several board members countered Obaid’s claim, interjecting that member states had not agreed to a new target and the only thing that could generate one was a resolution of the General Assembly.

Apart from nearly doubling the agency’s funding from $400 million to $700 million, Obaid also increased the scope of UNFPA’s activities, delving into regional activities such as in the African Union (AU) where UNFPA was instrumental in drafting and pressuring countries to adopt the Maputo Protocol and the Maputo Plan of Action, which activists have used to claim expanded abortion rights.

Obaid’s UNFPA has also begun targeting youth and adolescents, most recently taking a leading role at the World Youth Conference in Mexico where UNFPA-selected and funded youth representatives pushed governments for “sexual rights” including abortion and contraceptives.

Obaid closed her speech with a final plea to UNFPA board members “to keep standing up for this vision of universal reproductive health and rights” and “to take this message forward in the upcoming MDG Summit” which will take place from September 20-22.

1. Corrupting Christianity and blending it with Other Religions into a New Agey Soup:

The UN Meddling with Religion, Part 1
UN Climate Change Summit (COP15) Copenhagen, December 2009
Church bells ringing out warning on climate change! pagan “Christian” church service complete with altar full of corn, coral, and rocks… Eco-fraud Rachel Carson and DDT, lots of Interfaithism, New Age, and Paganism

The UN Meddling with Religion, Part 2
United Nations World Urban Forum (WUF3) 2006 Vancouver
UN participants wanting to Rezone-Out Churches and Rezone-in Interfaith Community Centers? Thanks, U.N.! David Suzuki calling us maggots, whiny eco-gal Severn Suzuki, fun with paganism, burning a 14 foot demon effigy, the child-eating Rangda leads an army of evil witches!

The UN Meddling with Religion, Part 3
The Ground Zero Imam and an Interfaith Explosion
The U.N., Glenn Beck, Temple of Understanding, Aspen Institute, reading the Koran in church, and the Ground Zero Imam… Soooo Interfaithy!!

The UN Meddling with Religion, Part 4
Obama/Hillary and Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom of Worship
What’s the deal with Obama’s use of “Freedom of Worship” instead of “Freedom of Religion”?

The UN Meddling with Religion, Part 5
Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC
The Grand Procession of the Ghouls, Blessing of the bicycles, the creepy Peace Fountain, The Peace Altar, Paul Winter’s Earth Mass and Summer/Winter Solstice concert, Blessing of the Animals, Rev. Dr. James A. Kowalski, The Temple of Understanding, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, William Irwin Thompson, The Lindisfarne Association, Madeleine L’Engle, Rev. James Parks Morton, United Nations Sunday, and Christa: a crucifix depicting Christ as a woman… and more!

and I didn’t even get to mention Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development!

or the UN scaring children



Eye on the UN

UN Watch

youtube: United Nations for kids – Episode 1
youtube: United Nations for kids – Episode 2

Thanks to Adam Baldwin for the link! Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all things Sustainable and #Statanic!


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