photos from Clinton/Hinchey Rally

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Binghamton NY
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Bill Clinton campaigns for a desperate Maurice Hinchey
Holiday Inn ballroom in Binghamton, NY… October 11, 2010…

overheard while waiting in line for the speech: “sooo… only white people can steal territory? I don’t get it…”


some protesters outside of the Holiday Inn on the right, you can see Ron Barrett: President of the Southern Tier Tea Party

closeup of “Phillips For Congress” sign

Binghamton mayor Matt Ryan speaking

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo speaking

Bill Clinton and Hinchey step up to the podium

another shot of Clinton and Hinchey

Hinchey speaking

Clinton speaks

Bill Clinton was heckled by some people in the back. A couple phrases that I heard being shouted: “Where’s Monica?” “Talk about NASA wasting money”

Clinton speaking with folks after his speech

more with Clinton

still more with Clinton


be sure to check Michael Vass’s blog here for commentary right now and maybe photos later…

check out the website of the Southern Tier Tea Party to read about their political cartoon project to help elect George Phillips and Art Garrison… and kick Hinchey/Lupardo to the curb…

FOX 40 WICZ local coverage of Clinton speech

local Clinton speech coverage from WIVT Newschannel34
also from WIVT: Phillips Reaction to Clinton’s Visit

local newspaper article about Clinton visit from the Press & Sun-Bulletin


Here is a youtube clip from Michael Vass of Clinton’s speech…

at the 4-minute mark you can hear Clinton say that half of the republicans need psychiatric help because they’ve been so angry for so long…

at the 7:50 mark you can hear the heckling very well…

here are 2 clips from the speeches before Clinton:

Binghamton mayor Matt Ryan and assemblywoman Donna Lupardo

Hinchey’s speech

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