photos from Tea Party Event – August 21, 2010

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Binghamton NY, Southern Tier Tea Party
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Southern Tier Tea Party Rally

Congressman Maurice Hinchey
Candidate George Phillips

August 21, 2010
10am – 12pm

U.S. Federal Building,
15 Henry St.,
Binghamton, NY



1. photo: Southern Tier Tea Party sign

2. photo: gaggle of girls led by Liberty Buchanan singing the National Anthem

3. photo: Frank Urban introducing the girls

4. photo: Invocation by Pastor Gary Sawyer, Calvary Community Church, Johnson City, NY

5. photo: Democrat Ray Schaffer, Former Deputy Sheriff, and former Candidate for Broome County Sheriff, in the spirit of Nonpartisanship…

6. photo: Art Garrison, Candidate for NYS Assembly 126th District

Please kick out Donna Lupardo!

youtube video of Art’s speech thanks to MVConsultingInc

7. photo: Debbie Preston, Town of Conklin Supervisor

8. photo: crowd shot

9. photo: Ron Barrett, performing announcing duties and introductions…

10. photo: Father Karlgut, Sts. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church, Endicott, NY

youtube video of Father Karlgut’s speech (about growing up in the Soviet Union) thanks to MVConsultingInc

11. photo: James Sacco, Constitutional lawyer, Attorney At Law, Binghamton

12. photo: Jazz Shaw, Communications Director for George Phillips

expert twitter operator and “The Mencken of the Blogosphere”

youtube video of Jazz introducing George Phillips

13. photo: George Phillips, Candidate for U.S. Congress from NY’s 22nd District, and his wife

Vote Phillips!

14. photo: George Phillips speaking solo

youtube video of George’s speech thanks to MVConsultingInc

15. photo: Kevin Findley fielding the Q&A with George Phillips

16. photo: Kevin Findley speaking about Maurice “Karl Rove planted the CBS Rathergate memos” Hinchey, the “No Show”…


17. photo: oh wait, it looks like Hinchey actually did show… or at least his inflatable boppable doppelganger, anyway…

18. photo: Kevin doing Q&A duties again… this time with Plastic-Hinchey

19. photo: Michael Vass: Political Blogger, Commentator, and Consultant.

Check out his websites:
M V Consulting, Inc
VASS political blog
Black Entertainment USA

You can watch his speech on youtube at his website here and/or read a transcript.

He has also posted a write-up of the rally here.

here’s another write-up about the rally media coverage

and another write-up: “Binghamton Tea Party – truth without omission”

20. photo: Norwich Tea Party Patriots spokesperson, Gilda Ward

21. photo: another crowd shot…

22. photo: the anemic turnout of the opposition across the street… those signs say: “Stop Fear Mongering” and “Health Care = Basic Human Right

23. photo: Tim Karlgut manning the sound system…

24. photo: Jason Stokes, Candidate for NYS Assembly 126th District

running against Art Garrison for the privilege of getting rid of Lupardo!

25. photo: Tim Roberts, Democratic Candidate for Broome County Sheriff

Final speeches were given by Liberty Buchanan and Pastor Gary Sawyer, and things came to a close with a Benediction by Father Karlgut.

While people slowly headed homeward little by little, some of the speech-givers and candidates stuck around to speak with the rally-goers and some folks had their photos taken next to pseudo-Hinchey: photo.

Follow George Phillips on Twitter!

Support George!


Media Coverage:

Press & Sun-Bulletin: hostile newspaper article

WICZ Fox 40: good tv report

YNN: Your News Now

thanks to the “Moonbattery” blog for writing about the Rally!

Where were you, WIVT and WBNG?

  1. Ron Barrett says:

    I want to thank you oh so much for your GREAT coverage, and photos of our group, The Southern Tier Tea Party’s, Rally for Freedom, held on August 21st. You are a True Patriot! I can only hope and pray that our group gets that kind of coverage in the future. I loved the pics and will be posting them on our website very shortly. We need more Patriots like yourself to help lead us to victory in November. Thank you.

    Ron Barrett, President
    The Southern Tier Tea Party
    PO Box 95
    Vestal, NY 13851

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